Boost your business with “Stories” on Instagram: Top 7 apps to tell Stories that are nice and up-to-date

Many hotels now feel at home on Instagram, having harnessed its extensive functionality to hone their public image or put it in the spotlight, or simply to revitalize the familiar perception of their hotel. In this, it is only natural to always stress your fortes and showcase innovation.

It is important that your content both looks good and is interesting to read. You user and subscriber, who may be your actual or potential hotel guest, will always appreciate a happy story unfolding in the warm rays of a setting sun, to the creaking sounds of old fishing boats, whether far away or right next door. The positive feel preset by the hotel will bring home the message that a holiday spent in such a place is simply guaranteed to be great.

Instagram Stories is a cool and exciting utility that posts series of pics and short videos going on Instagram within the space of 24 hours.

While Instagram, on its own, offers plenty of creative opportunities for telling your Story, an additional, dedicated application will help to make your Story even better.

According to statistics, 400 million people use Instagram Stories every day. This is double the daily audience of Snapchat. Stories are also the fastest-growing media format.

SimilarWeb reports that US-based Instagram users with Android-enabled smartphones spent an average of 53 minutes a day on Instagram Stories in June 2018. This was an almost 100% improvement on 28 minutes/day in June 2017. And the audience of Instagram Stories keeps growing, promising even better Stories – more creative, more interactive, more fun.

Its colossal amount of potentially great content notwithstanding, the hospitality industry is not exactly a front-running or even active user of this marketing medium. A much better example is set by the major sports and fashion brands, which generate and post some of the best Stories, keeping Instagram Stories monetized and their own brand loyalty high.

Instagram offers preset templates on Stories for an easy, fast-track way to generate your content.

In this review, we will look at seven applications that will help you create high-quality Stories to grab and hold the audience’s attention while you tell them about your hotel or brand.

1. Made

This story processor on Instagram Stories comes in two versions: one is available for free, the other, for a fee. An annual subscription, worth 1550 rubles, provides access to upwards of 80 unique story-telling templates on different topics. The fully-functional app is available for a seven-day free trial.

Informed by the latest trends in graphic design and SMM, Made templates are grouped by style, structure and interest, including “classics”, “Made original”, travel, film, minimalism, gold, “multilayer,””ragged”, “rigidly delineated”, and “Polaroid”.

With minimal font tweaking, texts in a variety of preset styles can be superimposed on images. Another cool thing is that Made offers a vast range of background custom-setting options: you can set your own colour scheme, customize gradients, include photos, even create your own personalized template. No SMM specialist can resist the proposition to make their own, one-of-a-kind template on Instagram Stories.

Key Features:

• 36 free templates, over 80 premium templates;
• Over 17 font templates, word processing settings;
• Some 1000 background options;
• Free version only supports the photo format;
• Available on iOS;
• No log-in necessary;
• Direct export to Instagram an option.

2. Storio

Another cool app, Storio has templates both for Instagram Stories and for posts and endless Instagram threads, which seem to be the thing these days. When you pick a theme close to your brand concept and your Instagram account personality, you can end up with a really unique page. Then you can just sit back and wait for new customers to roll in and your image clout to grow ever stronger. Storio offers over 300 templates and more than 25 theme design packages.

In the paid version, the templates are grouped by topic. There are about a dozen topics at the moment but new ones keep arriving. There are some ten to fifteen templates inside each topic, sharing the same style and background concept.

Key features:

• No log-in;
• 15 selected free fonts;
• 13+ free templates;
• Direct export to Instagram an option;
• iOS 11.0 or more recent version required.

3. Canva

You may have heard about this app - Canva has been the talk of the town for a while now. And rightly so! It truly deserves to be written about and to be recommended for use. Canva has everything you need to do graphic design. On top of Instagram Stories templates, it has templates for business cards, logos, birthday invites, and even layout templates for other social media.

Key features:

• 60,000 free templates;
• About 1,000,000 photos in the database;
• Huge collection of stickers, icons, frames and fonts;
• Direct export to Instagram, WhatsApp or email an option;
• Bulging design toolkit: vignettes, blurs, trellises and more;
• Available on iOS and Android, uploadable to desk top.

4. Adobe Spark

With the Spark app family, users can create videos or merge images to generate visual content for Instagram Stories. A broad gamut of special effects are available that can be mixed into the videos, including music, animation, fancy fonts and designer effects. Music for the videos can be taken from one’s personal playlist, stored in the phone, or selected from the app’s library.

Key features:

• Generates animated videos;
• Textual special effects and nice custom fonts;
• Over a million pics in the photo gallery;
• Available for iOS and Android, downloadable to desktop.

5. PhotoGrid

PhotoGrid comes with an assortment of templates custom-designed for Instagram Stories. Numerous filters, stickers, fonts and photo effects are available to generate user visuals. The app has a photo editing toolkit. For example, you can cut objects out of images, remove the background, and so on.

PhotoGrid offers tools to both generate memes for Instagram Stories, and add GIF files to go with those memes.

Key features:

• 300+ photo collage templates;
• Real time selfie cam and video recorder, smart face filter;
• 60+ filters;
• Over 90 different backgrounds;
• Available for iOS and Android.

6. Typorama

Typorama is the thing for you if you are looking for an app to instantly add amusing or attention-grabbing texts to images on Instagram Stories. All you have to do is pick a background and start typing your message. The app offers a great choice of typographic templates with a variety of font options.

On top of its enhanced text processing toolkit, Typorama has a photo editing toolbar, which has everything you need to hone your background images, from filters and overlays to image adjustment.

Key features:

• Over 50 print styles;
• 100+ fonts;
• Enhanced text processing toolkit;
• Hundreds of quotations for use in Stories;
• Thousands of images to pick and choose from;
• Gradients, shading and distortion options to add special effects and augment the text;
• Available for iOS.

7. CutStory

You can use this iOS app to make a series of video clips for posting on Instagram Stories, each 15 seconds long. One of the setbacks users encounter when trying to publish their video story is that Instagram will not allow any “stories” longer than 15 seconds. CutStory deals with this inconvenience, generating a smooth flow of 15-second Instagram-ready clips that can go directly on Stories.

Key features:

• Cuts long videos into 15-second Instagram-ready clips;
• Supports all video formats.

There is a plethora of apps out there equipped to process photo and video content for Instagram Stories, but it is important to make sure that the new creative stuff you circulate on the media matches your hotel’s concept and style, that it is classy, in good taste, and aligned with your brand marketing objectives on Instagram.

Content processing apps for Instagram Stories offer a great shortcut to grabbing audience’s attention. Whether you happen to be a blogger, a media personality or a hotel, these apps will help you spread your info around in an attractive – and interactive – way. Take a peek at how the major global brands do their “Stories”, learn and experiment.

Among the hotel brands, the following may serve as exemplars of captivating and successful Instagram Stories: Fairmont Hotels&Resorts, The Ritz-Carlton, Moxy Hotels, One&Only Resorts, Virgin Hotels, Stamba Hotels, and Gleneagles Hotels.