It is no secret that the power of a brand lies in the level of brand recognition by consumers. Tasked with boosting brand recognition for a new SPA studio brand, we designed a plan to integrate the brand as partner on high-profile city events involving the specified target audiences within a set time-frame. The events included:

- gallery opening in the city’s oldest premium-class department store: Au Pont Rouge
- jubilee of the Gorki Golf and Resort golf club
- 30th anniversary of Valentin Yudashkin’s fashion brand

Our plan resulted in a range of benefits, such as:
1️⃣ Brand Management: Brand strengthening by attaching it to a stronger, more widely recognized brand in the premium segment.
2️⃣ Sales: Onsite service sales when the services are offered at the event.
3️⃣ Advertising and PR: Brand and service promotion to potential customers among the target audience through the medium of a PR package designed in conjunction with the partners, utilizing online and off-line promotional tools.
4️⃣ Digital Marketing: Collection of contact details, provided voluntarily by potential customers, for subsequent precision-targeting and fine-tuning of the Yandex advertising network (YAN) and Google contextual media using phone numbers and email addresses, to be followed by an online advertising campaign to boost sales.
5️⃣ Social Media: News trigger for the brand’s social media communications.

In your view, what are the benefits of having a brand integrated with outside events? What tools to you employ to strengthen your company’s brand and improve its recognition level?

Would you like to benefit from integrating your brand with premium-class events in Russia or anywhere in the CIS? Or are you seeking partners and/or sponsors for your own event?
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